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Homeless Dog Opens Car Door to seek shelter

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A family in Clallum County, Washington, set up a video camera to catch the prankster who was leaving a dog inside their parked car. They were suprised at what the video revealed.

Lucky Monkeys or Pepsi Challenge?

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A businessman in Thailand's Lopburi Province thinks lucky monkeys are behind his success, so he holds an annual party for them! You can read the AP story and see the Pepsi-guzzling monkey here

Bottled Water for Dogs Down Under

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Though some pet stores do carry bottled water for dogs, an Australian has come up with flavored bottled water!

Anyone for beef flavored water?

Here's the story and a cute photo too.

Dog Breath Better Than Human!

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People who prefer to kiss their pets may just be avoiding human halitosis! This news story found most Britons (especially women) had worse breath than a dog.

Bear Lover Killed, Eaten By Bears

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Timothy Treadwell, a well-known author and filmmaker who professed a deep love and kinship for bears, was killed and partially eaten by bears during a trip to Alaska. Also killed was his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard.

Treadwell liked getting close to bears, even singing to them, and tried to promote the idea that getting close to bears in the wild was not dangerous. He had been repeatedly warned that getting too close to bears was risky, and had even survived other bear encounters that threatened his life.

The full article can be seen at the Anchorage Daily News website.

Birds, Animals, Married in Name of Peace

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Hindu priests in Madras, India, ritually married pairs of birds and animals in an effort to promote world peace.

In addition to the 18 pairs of creatures married during the ceremony, prayers were offered to elephants, horses, and cows in hopes to reduce pollution and terrorism around the world.

Quiznos "Raised by Wolves" Commercials

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A rather cute commercial series just released for Quiznos subs features a man "raised by wolves". The commercial comes in "mild" and "spicy" varieties (assumedly for different demographics). The spicy version is particularly humorous.

See it here, and click on the links beside "check out our new television commercials".


Victorian Taxidermy Collection to Hit Auction

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The Museum of Curiosities is auctioning off the works of Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter, which includes some 6,000 stuffed animals.

Potter's first work was his pet canary, which is now 160 years old and is included in the collection which ranges from large animals to exhibits of "kittens taking tea and bunnies learning their alphabet".

Furries and Nigerian 419 Scams

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By now, everyone in the world must have received one of those annoying, poorly written emails from a "high ranking official" or a "business associate" somewhere in Nigeria. We now have discovered that said Nigerians have a love for Gold Digger and Ninja High School t-shirts. Furries with a store, an auction, or a print sales web site should probably take heed and just not ship to Nigeria. Read more for the rather silly details and e-mails from Rabbit Valley Comics.

Shoe-stealing foxes

Your rating: None reports that golf balls aren't the only things being swiped by foxes. In Melbourne, some foxes have taken to stealing shoes and gloves, possibly because of the smell and the leather which they are made from. This habit has been jokingly dubbed "The Imelda Syndrome."

Monkey Mascot Mayor

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BBC Online reports that Stuart Drummond, who plays H'Angus the Monkey (the town's soccer team's mascot), has been elected mayor of Hartlepool, England on a platform of free bananas. Drummond campeigned both in and out of the suit. Some observers accuse Stuart of making of mockery of the electoral process, though he disputes the claim. Unfortunately twice in recent years he has been ejected from the stadium for simulated sex acts in costume, which does not inspire confidence in many about his judgement.

Tails soon to be a reality

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Dr Joe Rosen, a respected American surgeon says that, within five years, he will be able to graft wings and tails on to human beings. The article can be read here.

"Martenizing" your car takes on a whole new meaning

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Stone martens are making their mark on automobiles all over Germany. They love chewing through rubbery cables and hoses, causing thousands of breakdowns and hundreds of thousands of euros of damage to German cars.

Animal cams offer strange world views

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(CNN) -- Artist Sam Easterson's "Animal, Vegetable, Video" project offers a bizarre take on the reality TV craze: the world as seen by a buffalo, tarantula, armadillo or even a lowly tumbleweed. [More.]

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The BBC reports that a flotilla of rubber ducks is approaching
America's Atlantic coast. For details, check out


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