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May 2010

Tablecloth smashes ConFuzzled auction record

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The 'Tanicloth', a tablecloth drawn on my German artist TaniDeReal, sold at ConFuzzled for £2000

In 2008, the British furry convention ConFuzzled raised £1,600 for charity. In 2009, ConFuzzled raised £2,000 for charity. Today – less than an hour ago – ConFuzzled smashed that record with only one item.

The item, a tablecloth with artwork by guest of honour TaniDaReal had a starting bid of £50, which quickly exploded into the hundreds and then the thousands. In a bidding war that lasted several minutes between staff member Colifox and American furry fan Beshon, the bids finally jumped from £1,800 to £2,000 and ConFuzzled history was made for the largest bid paid for any item in an auction.

Brazilian newspaper writes positive article on furs

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Brazilian newspaper Diário de Guarulhos has printed an article about the fandom (p 16), developed with input from Fauna Urbana, Tanuki Gokuhi, Aniki Geelong, Jrrhack and Zutharr.

According to Koga SilverDragon, the piece "describes in a succinct and clear way the 'basics' of the fandom." Included are photos of Canadian fursuiters Inari and Rappy Raptor.

How many furry characters have you had?

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ConFuzzled donates £6,200 after £2,000 bid for tablecloth

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TaniDaReal's tablecloth art

UK furry convention ConFuzzled 2010 went out in style this weekend, raising £6,200 for the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

The final auction item was a piece of tablecloth art by guest of honour TaniDaReal. Starting at £50, the price rose swiftly, fueled by a bidding war between ConFuzzled staff member Colifox and U.S. fur Beshon, ending only with the latter's bid of £2,000 (US$2,962).

Fursuiters feature in indie pop music video

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New York indie pop band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have included fursuiters in the music video for Higher Than the Stars, shot November 4.

Lead singer Kip Berman touched on the video in a recent SXSW interview:

We recently shot a video with a lot of "furries" (or more politely, "fur suiters") in it… it’s pretty funny, I think. Maybe not as exciting as female prisons or post-apocalyptic lord of the green screen fantasies, but for us — it’s a start.

Some of those involved are listed here, with a few photos. How many can you identify?

Dealers Den seeks greater audience through sweepstakes

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Furry auction site The Dealers Den is running a sweepstakes to promote increased activity.

Auctions, bids, referrals and invites earn varying numbers of points, which are to be totaled to calculate a user's proportionate chance of winning.

The competition is to end June 16, with the three winners receiving a $50 gift card, a ClawGFX t-shirt, or a Dealers Den t-shirt.

Founded last October by Sinabu, The Dealers Den is offering free advertising, but faces an uphill battle against decade-old competitors FurBid and FurBuy.

Fox cub gets head stuck in wheel

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A 10-week-old fox cub is recovering after getting his head stuck in the hub of a discarded lorry wheel at a fuel depot in Grangemouth, Scotland, the BBC reports.

The wheel and its occupant were rushed to the Middlebank SSPCA rescue center, where the cub was extricated and will be kept until old enough to fend for himself.

Web host failure takes down several furry sites

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Web hosting vendor Topclasshost has suffered a disk failure, taking down,, Sythyry's Journal (lately mentioned) and various other sites.

It's suggested that Topclasshost might not have backups for this server, leaving everyone who didn't have files saved elsewhere out of luck.

Windsor citizens rally after man charged with dog abuse

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A Windsor man has been arrested and charged with causing unnecessary pain, injury or suffering to an animal after a dog, Tyson, was found lying in the grass with severe genital injuries, and later euthanized. A condom was tied around the dog's penis with an inner-tube.

Local citizens rallied in red shirts with their dogs (and a few cats) to protest the abuse. News reports say at least 350 attended, but local fur RingtailedFox (operator of VOM-DT) said there had to be at least 1200, noting that all riverfront parking lots were at capacity:

Even people in apartment buildings brought their hamsters and goldfish to the windows, and people beeped their horns in their cars.

A Facebook group, Windsor dog abuser sought, had almost 7,000 members at press time.

The dog's alleged owner, Anjalo Abeywickrema, was on parole for involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

New fandom survey underway

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A survey on fandom activity and conventions has been announced. It is not necessary to have attended conventions to complete the survey.

The researcher, Covarla, is pursuing a doctorate in cultural anthropology at New York at Buffalo, with a tentative dissertation title of Fan Conventions and the Rise of Fan Culture. Her prior work covers representations of homosexuality in Yaoi, and witchcraft in America.

Read more: The results so far, and additional background.

iGorilla supports Congo park; Brazilian specimens burnt

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Two quick stories from the BBC: A fire has destroyed a collection of snakes, spiders and scorpions at the Instituto Butantan in the Brazilian city of São Paulo:

"The entire collection was lost, the biggest collection of snakes in the world," curator Francisco Franco said. "It's a loss to humanity."

Meanwhile, a $4 iPhone app called iGorilla is to be sold to support conservation work in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park.

Editor's note: The feature list looks suspiciously similar to the company's 99¢ iPuppet.

2012 Olympic mascots unveiled

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Wenlock and Mandeville

Stretching the bounds of anthropomorphism today were Wenlock and Mandeville, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots.

The characters are purportedly forged from the "last drops of steel" from the Olympic stadium support girders. Each is equipped with a giant camera lens for an eye – a fitting match for the UK's surveillance-friendly streets. [tip: bunnywarez]