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April 2012

Inkbunny upgrades submission size, search; adds suggestions

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Furry art community Inkbunny has announced several upgrades, including increased max. submission size (30Mb; 6000x6000), greater control over notices, improved keyword suggestion, and the ability to search by content rating, time range or user.

The update is the first since September 2011 – though some changes had been made earlier, but not announced.

User feedback has been generally positive so far, although the new "suggested submissions" feature (which highlights work favourited by watched users) received a mixed response.

Inkbunny hosts over 180,000 submissions and has 96,000 members; ~10,000 are active in any one day. It was recently nominated as Best Website for the 2011 Ursa Major Awards.

The author is an Inkbunny moderator.

Review: 'Corpus Lupus', by Phil Geusz

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Corpus LupusWerewolf fiction is borderline-anthropomorphic, and Corpus Lupus is especially so. At least these werewolves are sentient, not feral dumb beasts. But the narrator, homicide detective Lieut. Larry Highridge, and his Pack spend most of their time in this novel in human form. It is a good murder mystery/horror novel, if a rather repulsive one; just not a very anthropomorphic one.

Corpus Lupus, first written between 1998 and 2000, has the reputation of being Phil Geusz’s “darkest and most disturbing work” (WikiFur), and it is easy to see why. The setting is a world where magic is real, but necromantic magic – involving death – is the only controllable kind.

Highridge is a narcotics detective who was bitten by a werewolf, becoming one himself. He refuses to let his condition affect him any more than possible, and is transferred to the homicide department as a specialist in investigating murders committed for necromantic purposes, to give the killer magical powers. Since the most powerful killings involve the torture and mutilation of victims, he becomes hardened to being given the police’s “sloppiest” murders, often those of young children.

Ridgecrest, CA, The Raccoon’s Bookshelf, March 2006, trade paperback * (i + 236 pages).
Birmingham, AL, Legion Printing, October 2010, hardcover $18.99, trade paperback $9.99 * (both i + 236 pages), Kindle $8.99.

Video: 'Kickball', a student film by Dana Terrace

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Kickball, a student film by Dana Terrace at the School of Visual Arts, April 2012.

Interview: Tarl Hoch on his upcoming furry horror anthology

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My questions and comments are not to be taken seriously. For more on the anthology, see FurPlanet's submissions page.

Tarl HochIsiah Jacobs: Good evening, Mr. Hoch! Thank you so much for joining me tonight. As I understand it, you are the editor for an upcoming furry horror anthology themed around abandoned places. Why did you decide to do this?

You know the type of place. Your footsteps echo, you feel all alone. Why is everyone gone? Are there survivors? What happened?

Voice: I decided to do a furry horror anthology because I am a huge horror fan and love horror fiction. But when I looked around your average convention table, the genre was lacking within the furry fandom (only two books that I know about). So I made a mention on Twitter about wanting to do a horror anthology, and got a huge response from the furry writers, so I decided to helm the project. If this is successful, I would love to do it as an annual thing, a new horror theme each year.

Interview: Zelaphas on her Twitter feed 'Best of Furry'

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Zelaphas (iowncharles on FA) about her Twitter feed. My questions and comments are not to be taken seriously.

Best of FurryIsiah Jacobs: Hello there, ma'am! Thank you so much for joining me today! It's a pleasure to have you on the show!

Zelephas: Thanks, glad to be here :D

Isiah Jacobs: So, you currently run a Twitter feed called @BestofFurry. For those that aren't aware, could you please briefly explain what exactly you do with this feed?

Zelephas: Sure! The goal of BestofFurry is to be the one-stop-shop for the very BEST in the furry, fantasy, feral and mythical fandoms. Many sites allow you to see the top artists, but often mask the wonderful work that up-and-comers do, or only showcase digital art and not costumes, crafts, literature, music, dance or other performance. Furries and fantasy fans are an incredibly talented bunch in a variety of mediums, and my hope is to provide an outlet for fans to see the best of all of it.

Interview: Kay Fedewa on

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I interview video game artist Kay Fedewa, importer of domesticated foxes from Russia. My questions and comments are not to be taken seriously.

AnyaIsiah Jacobs: Good evening, ma'am, thank you so much for coming on to the show, it's a pleasure to have you here!

Kay Fedewa: Oh anytime, it's an honor.

Isiah Jacobs: So, you are currently in charge of a program called The Domestic Fox. Could you please briefly explain what this program does?

Kay Fedewa: In short, we work with the Russian Institute of Cytology and Genetics, and with people interested in buying foxes from them. We sort out all the import and export documentation, licenses, transport costs, vaccinations, etc. and deliver foxes from the institute to their new owners.

Isiah Jacobs: As I understand it, this institute has been working on domesticating foxes for the past roughly sixty years or so. You do know that it wasn't called Russia back then, right?

Kay Fedewa: Yes and actually after the Soviet Union broke up, the government funding for this experiment disappeared along with it. They've been struggling to keep this going since then.

'Bear Cavalry' disrupts weather report

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WNEP-TV 2008 logoIt appears that someone had unleashed the 'Bear Cavalry' upon an unsuspecting television station in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WNEP-TV (ABC 16), like many stations across Canada and the United States, has an outdoor "weather patio"; for doing outdoor weather reports during good weather, and WNEP-TV calls theirs "the backyard".

While any station welcomes new viewers, WNEP-TV was probably not expecting four black bears (a mother and her three cubs) walking in to their weather patio and exploring during the 11 PM newscast, prompting their local weatherman (Kurt Aaron) to run back and do the reports from inside the studio.

Furry Movie Award Watch: April

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We are at a weird point right now; since the Ursa Majors will not be announced for another couple of months, we cannot just let 2011 slide. At the same time, 2012 is almost a quarter done, so it seems a bit stupid to keep hanging on to the past year.

There are in fact a couple of things left unsaid from 2011 that are still worth saying, so this will be the final round up of 2011 ramblings before I start plugging away at 2012.

Only one more week to vote for the 2011 Ursa Major Awards

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Ursa Major Awards, by Heather BrutonVoting for the 2011 Ursa Major Awards, for the best anthropomorphic literature and art of the calendar year 2011 in eleven categories, closes on May 4.

If you have not voted yet, you have one week left to do so on the Ursa Major Awards website.

The finalists are . . .

Tigers are cuddly and lovable, suggests Annecy festival short

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Spare Me (intro), a CGI short film by Morph Information Technologies of New Delhi, India, has been selected for the 2012 Annecy International Animation Film Festival on 4-9 June 2012. The story/press release, in Animation Xpress (Mumbai), 30 April 2012, reads:

Save the Tiger Spare Me short film by Morph Information Technologies Incorporating Gecko Academy of Digital Arts is selected at the 2012 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. The story revolves around the tigers who are portrayed as emotional, sad, lovable animals appealing directly to the audiences. Pleading with humans to spare them and stop killing them for carpets and medicines. Such a majestic animal – humiliated and stripped of all dignity – should stir emotions in the hearts of the viewers and inspire them to take action and stop this unwanted slaughter of one of God’s beautiful creatures. The film employs a Monologue – like structure, presenting a series of interviews with tigers about their lives and homes.