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You can help save ANTHRO!

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Quentin Long here with some bad news... and how *you* can help to make that bad news go away.
You'll recall that when I announced the uploading of ANTHRO #13, I mentioned that I was in danger of going homeless, *real* soon. The support this brought was welcome... but it just isn't enough. And here's how bad things are now:

I need USD $500 in the next five days, or I *will* be homeless.

The people who have *already* donated and bought advertisements, they've done their part... but there's only, like, 20 of them. 20... out of a grand total of about *ten* *bleeding* *THOUSAND* people who read and enjoy every issue of ANTHRO.
So here I am again, exhorting furdom-at-large to open your wallets on my behalf, so that *I* can continue to do something which has been a distinct asset to *you*. I'm not exactly enthused to be going all "PBS pledge night" on y'all, but if it works, it works, okay? So here's the deal...

I've reformatted ANTHRO #1 so that it'll fit nicely on a 240-pixel-wide screen -- which means it will work nicely on Palm Pilots or Blackberrys or whatever other PDA you might happen to have. Cross my palm with $2.99 in good USA silver, and it's yours!

ANTHRO 13 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, welcoming you all to the latest (and, perhaps, *last*) issue of ANTHRO -- lucky Number 13! Why did I mention "last" just now? Because it's true: This issue *could* be ANTHRO's last. Let me get the bad news out of the way right now, and then go on to the *good* news of ANTHRO 13...

ANTHROlogy ONE: Now more available than ever!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with the latest news from Anthro.

In honor of our upcoming second anniversary issue, I've permanently slashed the price of ANTHROlogy One, the zine's first printed collection! Starting today, you can buy your very own ink-on-paper copy of almost everything from the zine's first six issues for USD $19.99 -- and that's a full 20% price cut. How can you resist?

In addition to the price drop, ANTHROlogy One is now available in downloadable PDF form, for a mere USD $4.99! So whether you were waiting for the PDF edition, or 'only' for a price cut... well, we've got you covered. And best of all, 75% of all profits will go to the writers and artists who made Anthro #s 1-6 what they are. Enjoy!

If you feel like taking advantage of this price drop, just surf on over to the ANTHRO Press website and do what comes naturally. We'll keep the light on for you, as the saying goes...

ANTHRO wants *you* -- to subscribe!

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   Quentin "Editor-in-chief-for-life" Long here with another ANTHRO-y announcement. It's always been possible for people to subscribe to ANTHRO, and the price ($0.50 USD per issue, one full year of which works out to about the same as a Big Mac hamburger) certainly isn't any barrier... but I gotta admit that so far, the response from Furdom At Large has been decidedly underwhelming. So I've decided to raise the stakes!

ANTHRO #11 is up!

No votes yet -- the zine proper -- ANTHRO Press: We got books!* -- Graphic Descriptions: We got posters and t-shirts, too!

This is Quentin 'Cubist' Long, making the Official (albeit belated) Announcement -- ANTHRO #11 is live and online for your reading pleasure! What can I say, I lapsed into a coma *immediately* after I uploaded the files... but I'm awake now, and here's the straight dope on what ANTHRO #11 has to offer.

Item: The website's gotten a facelift. The former design had certain problems, and hopefully I've solved them. I've put in some new features which will hopefully be of some use to you...
* Search engine. It's always available, 24/7, just waiting for you to type in whatever search-terms you want and give you a list of everything that fits your terms from *anywhere* in *any* issue of ANTHRO!
* Directory. Also available 24/7, this popup menu gives you one-click access to all of ANTHRO's major goodies -- including a few items that were previously known to only those few intrepid souls who went spelunking thru the zine's link structure.

ANTHRO #10 is online!

No votes yet -- the zine proper -- ANTHRO Press: We got books!* -- Graphic Descriptions: We got posters and t-shirts, too!

Quentin 'Cubist' Long here once again, bringing you word of a new ANTHRO issue -- in this case, #10! This time around, the zine comes to you with a distinctly feline cover that's so good, a confirmed rabbit like Phil Geusz asked for a signed copy the moment he laid eyes on it! Talk about your pleasant surprises...

Item: Moving right along, the highlight of the issue might be the YARF! Reviews section of the ANTHRO Library. We got this started last issue, with every Patten review from YARF! #s 1-10; for the current issue, we added another *12* issues' worth of reviews, bringing us up to YARF! #22.

Site update: ANTHRO #9!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with a most welcome sign of the new year: ANTHRO #9 is online for your reading pleasure! What with the holidays and all, we've got a bit less new material than usual. Even so, we think you're going to like this issue's lineup, from the cover -- Ursula Vernon's excellently sleazy DJINNSELLER -- on down.

Item: ANTHRO's Library has a new wing: The YARF! reviews. Yes, that's the legendary printed furzine, YARF!, whose reviewer was our own Fred Patten. With Mr. Patten's active cooperation, we are presenting every one of the reviews he wrote for YARF!; we've started with all the reviews from YARF! #s 1 through 10, and we will add a minimum of ten more YARF-columns' worth of reviews with each new issue of ANTHRO until we've got all 70 of Mr. Patten's review columns. "Hold it," some of you are saying. "What do you mean, '70'? YARF!'s latest issue was #69!" Well, that's true -- but Mr. Patten wrote some reviews for the never-printed YARF! #70, and we're going to present that previously unseen column here in ANTHRO!

THE HUMAN MEMOIRS -- now available in paperback!

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ANTHROlogy One ($19.99 until the end of 2006, $24.99 thereafter)
ANTHRO: The netzine that started it all!

Quentin Long here once again. I am proud to announce that G. Howell's world-renowned novel THE HUMAN MEMOIRS, the first serial presented in ANTHRO, is now available as a convenient paperback book! The $19.99 price buys you 580+ pages of 'furry' goodness that you can enjoy even when the Internet is down. Surf on over to the ANTHRO Press website and check it out! And while you're there, feel free to check out ANTHROlogy One, the first book from ANTHRO Press, not to mention Freedom City, the first typeface inspired by the work of Phil Geusz.

ANTHRO netzine goes analog!

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Quentin Long here, with an announcement that's been a long time coming: ANTHROlogy One, the omnibus paperback edition of the first six issues of my netzine, ANTHRO, is available for anyone to purchase! It's 600+ pages -- and well over 200,000 words -- of stories, pictures, poems, columns, and articles by some of the best writers and artists in furdom.

Special offer from ANTHRO

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Quentin "Editor-for-life of ANTHRO" Long here with an announcement that some of you may find interesting -- particularly those people who send a lot of stuff through the US Postal Service. As it happens, you can get legitimate, genuine US postage printed up with your own graphics... and I've done just that with STRAIGHTAWAY, the nifty "centaur + horse race" picture that Lucius Appaloosius did for the cover of ANTHRO #2. Again, this is genuinely valid US postage you can put on letters or package or whatever other mail you send. "Sounds great," I hear you ask, "but how do I get my hands on these stamps?"

ANTHRO #8 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, letting you know that the wait is over -- ANTHRO #8 is online for your reading pleasure! The cover image is a bit unusual, in that it's a kind of collaboration between myself and Lucius Appaloosius. The esteemed Mr. A did some art for a Secret Project (which should see the light of day in the next week or so)... and I Photoshopped on said art. Without mercy.
I think you'll enjoy the end result.

ANTHRO #7 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, once again trumpting the good news: The latest issue of ANTHRO is online for your reading, and viewing, pleasure! This is, of course, the zine's seventh issue, which means it's our first anniversary. And in honor of the occasion, we've got some distinctly remarkable items -- including a story from an honest-to-God member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Richard K. Lyon! There's also a TBP story by someone named Quentin Long; the way we see it, an anniversary issue is a perfectly good excuse for an editor to be a little self-indulgent... In addition, Phil Geusz managed the difficult feat of writing a furry story which doesn't have *any* anthropomorphic characters in it. How the heck is this *possible*, you ask? Well, you'll just have to read it to find out, won't you?

Thanks from ANTHRO!

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Greetings from Quentin 'Cubist' Long!

I just checked the 2006 Recommended Anthropomorphics list and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ANTHRO is now up there *in triplicate*!

In the FANZINE category: ANTHRO itself.
And twice in the SHORT FICTION category: HELPING HANDS, by Equestrian Horse Wrangler, from ANTHRO #5, and FULL IMMERSION, by Phil Geusz, from ANTHRO #4.

Whoever made these nominations to the RAL, thank you!

ANTHRO #5 is online (yay!)

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with some late-breaking news: ANTHRO #5 (the May/June issue) is online! My apologies for the delay; I had to deal with some non-technical difficulties, sigh. As per usual, I hope you'll check out ANTHRO's "Support" section. No matter whether you subscribe, donate, buy a T-shirt or poster from ANTHRO, or click on through to for a darn fine furry novel, whatever money you give to ANTHRO means I'll be able to pay ANTHRO's contributing artists and writers.

ANTHRO #4 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with good (and, hopefully, expected) news: ANTHRO #4 (the March/April issue) is online -- no thanks to the dod-rotted weather we're having these days! The cover by Holly Ann depicts a sentiment that we're sure will bring a smile to quite a few people's faces...