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ANTHRO #3 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, bringing you glad tidings with which to start the new year off right: ANTHRO #3 is online! The first thing you'll see is the cover by Opal Weasel -- and a fine cover it is, too, depicting a sophisticated wolf-about-town.

ANTHRO art for sale

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, announcing that the covers of the first two issues of Anthro are available as posters. Want to put Leomorphic Da Vinci (the cover of #1) or Straightaway! (the cover of #2) up on your wall? Now you can!

ANTHRO #2 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, letting you know that ANTHRO #2 is online for your reading pleasure -- in more ways than one! We've chosen a select variety of furry novels that you can buy through, and if you *do* that, ANTHRO will recieve a percentage of the purchase price. We get a bit of cash, and you get a good reading experience. Is that a win-win situation, or what? If this appeals to you, click on SUPPORT in the navigation menu, then on the "buy a book" link. If it doesn't appeal to you, just keep in mind that any money we get from this will go to ANTHRO's contributing artists and writers.
Speaking of artists, the first thing you'll see in this issue is a darn fine cover by Lucius Appaloosius! And on the inside, we've got a nicely extensive lineup...

ANTHRO has a new URL

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Quentin Long here, announcing that the furry webzine Anthro has a new "home on the net" --, or even Links and bookmarks which point to the old URL will continue to work until Anthro #2 goes live; at that time, the old URL will softly and suddenly vanish away. Please remember to update your bookmarks and site links before the old URL vanishes.
And while I'm talking about Anthro, I'd like to remind y'all that Anthro is always looking for new stories, art and artists, interviews, 'how to' articles, etc, in the furry vein...


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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, making a public Call For New Material in behalf of his furry webzine, Anthro! I've been getting stories, even a poem or two, and I hope this continues -- but what about other kinds of furriness? Where are the fursuit patterns, the "how to draw X" tutorials, the articles on Great Moments In Furry History, the... Well, you get the idea, right? The basic idea is simple: If it's Furry, Anthro wants it! Send it to me, Quentin Long. If you're unsure, ask and I'll be happy to let you know if Anthro could use it!