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Tigger Acquitted of Molestation

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Tigger fursuiter Michael Chartrand was found not guilty on the molestation charges brought against him. The charges occurred while he was working as Tigger at Walt Disney World, a role he considered a "dream". Today, he wants his job back. Disney declines comment.

Tigger's defense attorney is also a professional fursuiter. The DA's argument included an illustration of the hampered mobility of wearing a fursuit, which the attorney demonstrated in court by donning a Tigger fursuit himself.

The jury deliberated for less than an hour before returning the verdict. They said the fursuit defense had nothing to do with the verdict. It was the lack of evidence that decided the case, including the prosecution's inability to prove that Michael was even the Tigger in the photo. Click here for the full story.


Only in Kenya we've got fursuits...

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Yikes, live action Kenya!

Tigger-gate Continues to Grow...

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More news is begining to break about the alleged actions of a Walt Disney World Tigger.

This article talks of how more and more folks are coming forward with complaints.

Cats Watching You Eat

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Eatery Wants to Use Tigers As Attraction
Houston Restaurant Hopes to Add Tigers As Latest Way to Attract Customers

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Come to Kenya!

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Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya, apparently.

It's more highly addictive flash from the fellows who brought you Weebl and Bob.


White Tiger Six-Pack

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An amazing event for the animal kingdom. A South American zoo's white tiger gives birth to six cubs!

Tiger Attack or Kitty Curiousity?

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This is just another reason why not to have people with big hairdos sitting in the front row in a crowded theatre....

Steve Wynn, owner of The Mirage, explains the details that led up to Roy's near death experience with a tiger.

Tiger rescued from NY apt.

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Seems tigers are in the news a lot, lately...
Does anyone know if the "...wildlife refuge in Ohio..." is Tiger Haven?
(I know Tiger Haven is in TN, but the news could have gotten the state wrong...(sometimes I think NY ppl lump everything w of Appalachians and E of Mississippi river together...))

Roy Attacked by Tiger

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Roy, of the duo Sigfried and Roy, was mauled by one of their tigers during a show Friday.

See story on CNN.

Chinese Tiger Cubs to be Taught Hunting in Africa

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For the first time in history, an antelope is likely to be victim to a tiger.

Two rare, endangered tiger cubs from China will be trained to hunt 7,000 miles away in South Africa, as part of a program to preserve the species. The full story via CNN is here.

White tiger twins born in Virginia zoo

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A pair of white Bengal tigers were born recently at the Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia.

Read more here

News article on a bizarrely cute tiger-taming practice used in a zoo

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Whilst the story itself is technically three years old, there's a nice little article on skynews entitled 'The Sty of the Tiger' about some 'different' methods for rearing baby tigers.

"Tiger Lady" Loses Four Year Struggle to Keep Cats

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After four years of legal battles, New Jersey's "Tiger Lady" has lost her ownership rights to the twenty-four Bengal tigers she has been keeping.

The state has been attempting to remove the big cats from Joan Byron-Marasek's custody since 1999, when the police shot a roaming tiger alleged to belong to her. It has since been decided by authorities that her facilities are sub-standard, and that she has failed to obtain the proper permits in due time.

The court ruled that the state holds jurisdiction over the animals, which will be moved to a tiger sanctuary in Texas this summer.

Big Cat Ranch Found "Completely Disgusting"

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John Weinhart, owner of the nonprofit organization Tiger Rescue, was arrested Tuesday along with three others on charges of improper care and cruelty to animals.

Officials who raided the big cat "retirement home" were horrified to find some 30 dead tigers around the property, as well as young cubs living in the home's attic.

They've taken everything but the lions...

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An article on Yahoo! News speaks of looting at the Baghdad Zoo and the plight of the lions and tigers there.