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Tigers turn on their keepers

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There have been two fatalities reported from tiger attacks within the past week:

William Olson, owner of a licensed sanctuary for exotic cats, was found dead in an outdoor enclosure on March 31st after police responded to a call reporting that he had been attacked. Two tigers were shot by the authorities in order to reach Olson.

More recently, at Safari Joe's Rock Creek Exotic Animal Park, animal handler Linda Bracket was pulled into a cage by tigers while watering them. She died of her injuries.

There's a tiger in my bed...

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School officials in Minnesota were a bit taken aback by a fifth-grader's explanation of his inability to keep awake in class, and of the scratch marks covering his body. Apparantly, the tiger in his bedroom was keeping him up at night.

The 3 or 4 month old tiger - named Anna by the boy - has since been secured by a Humane Society.

Camera catches evidence of tigers returning to China

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A baited camera trap caught the first image of a wild Siberian tiger in north-eastern China, raising hopes that the species might return to its old haunts. The tiger was all but extinct in China from poatching, but much of its old habitat remains intact. Scientists hope migrating tiger populations from Russia and captive bred introduced animals can rebuild the population if hunting bans can be maintained.

PETA cages "tiger" in protest

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PETA activist Holly Fraser protested the treatment of circus animals by painting herself up as a tiger and sitting outside in a cage. It seems being half-naked seemed to help increase public awareness.

Malaysian Man goes missing with tiger

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Wildlife authorities in the northern Malaysian state of Kedah are searching for a man who is reported to have gone missing with his family and his pet tiger.

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The missing businessman was photographed on Saturday driving around his home town with a full-grown tiger in the back of his jeep.

The man, Haji Zaitun Arshad, told reporters that the animal had been brought in from Thailand where it had been caught in a trap.

. . .

However, a neighbour later said that Haji Zaitun had disappeared with his family and the tiger, after learning that the authorities wanted to speak to him.

If convicted of keeping a tiger without a licence, he faces a $4,000 fine, or up to five years in prison.

The full story can be found at the BBC.

Tigers, Alligators Head for China Theme, Food Park

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BEIJING (Reuters) - One hundred tigers and 2,000 alligators have been flown from Thailand to China to grace an animal park where visitors will be able to admire and eat some of the creatures displayed, a park official said Thursday.

Full story (abcnews)

Tiger-napping tragedy

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Ending a convoluted tale of theft, the SPCA exhumed the remains of Shiva - an eight month old male Bengal tiger - stolen from Guha's Lions and Tigers on Nov. 28th. The big cat was said to have died from an overdose of tranquilizers.
Cheryl Hunt, of Essex, is expected to be charged with theft, administering an injurious substance to an animal, killing an animal without lawful excuse and mischief and destruction of property.

A stolen slice of Pi?

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While (re)writing the review of _Life of Pi_ that I promised the kind readers of Flayrah, I was suprised to come across this news story. Martel's story of a hindu boy trapped on a lifeboat with a tiger has been acused of blatently lifting from Brazilian Moacyr Scliar's _Max And the Cats_ which is about... Er... A jewish boy trapped on a lifeboat with a panther.

Martel's reply, "why put up with a brilliant premise ruined by a lesser writer?".

A Tiger's Tale Wins A Booker

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For the first time in who knows how long, a genre novel has won the Booker Prize. (Considered by many to be the highest award available for novels)

And guess what, its our genre! The award winner is Canadian Yann Martel’s work Life of Pi, a story of a young boy and a tiger called Richard Parker.

Escaped tiger killed by authorities

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mwalimu's hometown makes furry news headlines. Unfortunately the news is not good.

A tiger being transported escaped early this morning on the east side of Bloomington, Illinois, when its owners stopped at a local truck stop and tried to give it some exercise. Area residents were ordered to stay indoors while authorities tried to capture the animal. After four unsuccessful attempts to trank the animal, it was finally shot dead when it made aggressive moves toward conservation police officers in a pickup truck.

See story on Yahoo or in Bloomington's local newspaper, The Pantagraph

Russia struggles to save the tiger

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Siberian and Amur tigers have never had it easy, but with the fall of communism and a lack of government interest in their protection, the numbers are dropping off fast. With few jobs available in the far east of Russia, hunting and poaching are a new way of life. Locals are baffled at Western conservationists interest in an animal so threatening to them, and the few nature reserves are stops for them to take caviar, deer and even tigers. Though education is continuing, especially for the young, to encourage them to have pride in the big cats of Russia's taiga, the future range of the Amur and Siberian tigers might end up behind zoo bars.

Cryptozoological mysteries. The Queensland Tiger.

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Article debating whether the Australian Thylacoleo, an extinct class of cat-like marsupials from the Pleistoscene era, is still alive in Queensland.

Direct URL:

Or, look for article 'Will The Real Thylacoleo Please Stand Up' in the Fortean Time's Web Page

Stalking Cat (Dennis Avner) to appear at CritterConDiego 3

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Stalking Cat (his lakota name; really Dennis Avner, aka "Cat man" "Cat" or "Tiger Man") recently sent us a message to let us know that he will be attending CritterConDiego 3.

Stalking Cat has recently appeared on several programs like Ripley's Believe it or Not, the Larry King Show, and several others because he is surgically and cosmetically altering his self into his totem animal. Visit for more information and to view pictures of his current state of trans-fur-mation.

Only a Temporary Extinction?

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Since late 1999, the Australian Museum has involved in a project unique in this world- the cloning of an extinct species, namely the Tasmanian Tiger. While no living representative of this species has been witnessed since the death of the last one in captivity in 1936, the museum possesses several preserved pups. While the ones that were preserved in formalin are unusable due to the effect of the preservative on the cell structure, there is a female pup that was preserved in ethanol. She is the linchpin of the cloning project, as this allowed intact DNA strands to persist. While the successful replication of individual Tasmanian Tiger genes, as detailed at,
does not mean there will be a living representive of the species any time soon, it does mark something singular. For the first time in human history, there is the indication that we may be able to bring back from the darkness of death and total extinction a unique species that was destroyed solely by our hands.

"Uber tiger morph" on the God & Devil Show

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The 'blooper' clips of the flash-animated comedy "The God and Devil Show" feature short snippets from the episodes, and are available full-time (whereas the full episodes are posted on a limited basis).

Of interest to furries is the "Sigfried and Roy" blooper, which features a white, leather-clad "sabre-toothed uber tiger morph." Licking his leg/thigh/crotch, no less. Direct link here.