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Further Confusion 2008 breaks fursuit parade record

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Madius created the Year of the Rat banner and marched with other rat fursuiters in the fursuit parade as the character Squeaky

Update: In April, AAE reported a new attendance figure: 2423. The prior figure omitted dealer and marketplace registrations.

Further Confusion 2008, held January 24-28, broke both its own record for attendance and worldwide records for the number of fursuiters in the fursuit parade.

While Further Confusion 2007 had 2062 attendees,[1] this year's event had 2311, a 12 percent increase.[1] The number of fursuiters in the parade also increased, breaking the record of 353 set at Anthrocon 2007.[2] In contrast, art show sales fell slightly, from US$53,881[3] to $52,068.[4]

The exact number of fursuiters in the parade is disputed. Video evidence suggests at least 354 started the parade,[5] while photographs taken outside the gift shop suggest 371 at that point.[6] Conversely, an observer outside the dealers room reported only 352.[7] The official count, taken by an observer at the Coffee Garden, was 387.[1][4][8][9]

This year's theme - "The Fur East" - was reflected by the San Jose Taiko and a dragon leading the parade, followed by rats and other rodents honoring "The Year of the Rat" in the Chinese Zodiac.[10]

Popular Furry Night Live skits included "Fur in a box" (a remake of the Saturday Night Live skit), "Furry Deanimator", and "So you think you gangsta?". In Iron Artist the secret ingredient was painted vases,[11] with at least one challenger (Justin R. Bunny) emerging victorious over his selected artist.[12]

Further Confusion is next scheduled for January 22nd-26th, 2009 at the same hotel, the San Jose Doubletree.[1] As usual for the convention, the staff shifts from year to year; the title of chairman shifted from Bos'n C Otter to Frysco for 2009, with the more local Findra selected as Vice-Chair.[13]

Masquerade winners

Novice: Violet Crumble (Smash, creator & performer)
Journeyman: Beebee (Twig Mouse, creator & performer)
Master: Masked Mustang (Chris Smith, performer)
Professional: Jager (Nevermint, performer)
Best in show: Rubix and the goat herd[14]


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