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Finally an Australian convention?

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Inflatable ‘roo and fursuiter Oz Kangaroo has announced his plans to start Australia’s first furry convention.

Named Furry Down Under - or FurDU for short - the con is set to start in April 2009 with a $60 registration fee (not including accommodation) and have close access to a number of leisure facilities.

The most intriguing difference that FurDU has from other conventions is that - instead of a hotel or convention centre - FurDU is set to take place in a newly built apartment block, where each attendee for the fee of $150 per night gets their own fully furnished apartment with bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This is Australia’s first planned fully-featured convention, set to complement large furmeets such as FurJAM and MiDFur. The website for FurDU is coming soon.

(Ed's note: This was later found not to be the first Australian convention. MidFur X occurred a few months following the initial publication of this article.)


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