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Full name
Arthur Trusov
I live in a little o'l town called Palm Coast, FLorida.
Computer Programming-Engineering, Voice Acting, 3D Modeling.
Occupation title
Contractor for 3D Models, GFX or Voice Acting
Red Panda

I'm a Russo-American born to a Soviet minded family. I am the first of my bloodline to be born out of the Russian states or installation.
Inspired by Harper Lee's 'How to kill a Mocking bird' I do infact put myself in other people's shoes; but please don't pull the victim card on me -- unless I do.
P.S: People generally find this -- dumb, so do I; I guess. But anyways my personality is ESTP-A []

I LOVE LOVE LOVE debating political disccusions or anything with debating; you dig? I am extremely well educated in the History and English subjects (No I don't use Wattpad) adoring the subjective and objective writing in literature. My favorite books being 'Fahrenheit 451' novel, along with George Orwell's '1984' novel.

I can speak two (Russian/English) languages-soon to be 3 as I am occuring to myself to either learn Hebrew or German, maybe Swedish too! Sadly, while attending Elementary school, I had to go to speech classes cause I had an accent; instead of helping with my accent, I now have a mere subdued Boston accent. My parents are disappointed in my godawful Russian accent since I can't heavily pronounce R's.

I am not easily offended, I believe that Racisim is not natural and can be overcome with humor. I am within the Republican Party-but I treat myself as a Liberal, but not economically (Yeah I dislike Bernie Sanders, fite me) but regardless as a Republican I still believe in Abortion, LGBT rights and such. But I do hate the idea of killing a potential human life within the Abortion terms.

My last name, Trusov-translates to 'Coward' in Russian. Also the fact that Trusov sounds like Trusy which means 'Underwear' in Russian; most people say they kill themselves if they had my last time, except unlike them I have humor! :P

Other information

My favorite music artists are:
Garth Knight
Com Truise
Miami Nights 1984
Power Glove
Trevor Nights

My favorite movies are:
Indiana Jones Series
Django Unchained
Drive (2011)
Rush Hour Series
Terminator 1, 2, and 3
12 Years A Slave.
Blood and Bone

My favorite shows are:
Monk (I use to have semi-major OCD too)
Tom & Jerry
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Ed, Edd 'n Eddy
I will get you! (It's a 1960s Soviet TV Show, that my parents introduced me on a VCR tape)


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