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Flayrah Syndicated on LiveJournal

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For those of you LiveJournal junkies out there, you can now add a syndicated feed of Flayrah's stories to your friends list. Details on how to do this can be found here, Flayrah's username is, of course, flayrah.


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Thanks Aureth! Now I can have instant updates thanks to the little friend flashing for LJ. I'll know the moment a new story goes up!

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It's possible to turn off comments on a syndicated feed. Should this be done? Or has some method been put in place to copy comments left on the LJ feed back to

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Just to let you know, you can only add a syndicated journal to your friends list if you have a Paid Account.
Those of us who haven't yet / can't afford to / don't want to pay for an account will have to stick with the web site for the time being (Yay!)

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Just curious.. I've tried accessing LiveJournal for HOURS today.. does anyone know what's going on?
I figured Flayrah would have the latest up to date news on all the latest bestest stuff as always :o)

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