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There's not enough room for the both of you in this town...

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Canadian Joe Gill, who lives outside of Grande Prairie, Alberta, has been ticketed for riding his horse into town. Despite Alberta's farming and ranching heritage, Gill has been been warned previously not to ride into town, as his horse "could be startled by emergency vehicles or cause traffic jams."

"It's pretty silly they don't allow this," he told the Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune. "Alberta is the cowboy capital of Canada."


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Canadian Joe Gill, who lives outside of Alberta, has been ticketed for riding his horse into town.

Joe Gill lives outside the town of Grande Prairie, in the _province_ of Alberta, per the article's description.

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Whoops, botched that sentence. Thanks.


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Fixed that up. I can't believe I didn't catch that, as I'm Canadian too. Must have been on autopilot.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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*chuckles*.. time flies, doesn't it.. just a century ago the situation would have been just the reverse; people were banned from driving cars too near horses for the same reasons cited here.. there actually used to be laws that restricted the speed of cars to under 15mph, and required that the driver shoot off flares every few hundred yards so the roads could be cleared of livestock..

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Here's an update

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Great... parking police worried about horses in town... there's increased homeland security spending for ya. Somehow I can see poor joe coming out and finding a parking "boot" lock on his horse's leg.

- Camstone
(Pass the duct tape, I'm having a crisis alert "Lavender." And coming soon this spring... yummy matching alerts in "Chartruse" and "Tangerine!")

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"there's increased homeland security spending for ya"

Umm... this is in CANADA, not the USA, get it straight.

Tlaren }:=8}

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