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Woman's Phone Rings With Calls For God.

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Dawn Jenkin's of Florida isn't very pleased with the new film Bruce Almighty, or at least with the fact that her phone number is in it.
In the film, the character of God repeatedly leaves his number on Jim Carrey's pager, but rather than the usual "555" prefix, this one happens to be a match with at least two person's cell phones. One of them Dawn's, with an unidentified woman from South Carolina being the other aggravated call recipient.
Nor are either women alone, as the number also matches that for a consortium of five Colorado talk-radio stations.


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I'm starting to wonder what is supposed to pass for appropriate news on this site. Excatly WHY does this tory belong on Flayrah?

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It is under the topic heading Entertainment Media, i.e. movies and such. It is amusing, therefore appropriate.

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...And this is furry news?

Will someone please explain to the rest of us how this is pertinent to Flayrah and not just spam.

ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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Flayrah is not just furry news. It is also Sci-Fi news, and amusing weirdness from real life. This article qualifies as the latter.

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I thought this was quite funny. Have to wonder what sorts of messages the callers are leaving... "Hello, God? I got this number from a movie...."

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"... the number also matches that for a consortium of five Colorado talk-radio stations.

...who probably angled to get their number used and drum up calls. Big deal.

"Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."

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