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Furry Organization Needs Your Input

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The Anthropomorphic Diversity Support Association (ADSA) is retooling for 2004 after three years of inactivity. The information we get from this poll will help us to better serve the needs of the fandom.

Using the scale:

1 = very important or very useful
2 = important or useful
3 = somewhat important or somewhat useful
4 = not important or not useful

Please click here to fill out our short, nine-question furry opinion poll.The poll is open so that everyone can see the results as they accrue, but please answer honestly based solely on your own opinion.

Feel free to link to the poll or tell other furries about it. We're interested in getting a diverse response from within the fandom.




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Unfortunately, your poll is a LiveJournal poll and set for only LiveJournal users to vote. Possibly not everyone who would like to contribute opinions has a LiveJournal (or wants one).

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*raises paw*

Richard Reid
Captain; Webship Corwinda

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Livejournals now do not require a code. You can sign up and just use the account to do this survey.

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I think the emphasis was on not WANTing one. Just because it's free doesn't mean I'm going to give them a bunch of (false) info and contribute even more to web-rot.

Besides, they wanted input, so he're the input:
The opportunity to contribute further input is not important enough to justify bothering with livejournal. At least two people (that I know of) have been interested enough to follow the links to the poll, and then abort when it comes to signing up for livejournal.

How important that input is is up to them to decide.

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I must agree, I would be very interested in helping but i pride myself on not having a LV account.

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Yeah, LV's nowhere near as good as LJ. >:}

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Sorry about the LJ thing. When we set it up initially we did not realize that an account was required. In retrospect I would have put it on another, more accessible server, but by the time I realized the error we had already collected a substantial amount of data.

People who emailed me privately received a copy of the poll that they could send in, which was added to the results.


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What the heck is the ADSA??? Where is its website?? Anything?? Interested folks wouild like to know.

Or heck, post the text of the poll here so we can at leats determine what its about.

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I'm logged into LJ, but it says I'm not allowed to view the poll. x.x

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That's because the poll is already closed. See the recent Flayrah article for the results.


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