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Anthro Fandom Convention Attendance 2003

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Okeedoke, I finally got a few minutes to update the AFCIS (Anthro Fandom Convention Information Sheet).
For the first time paid attendance at all conventions broke 6000, 6142 to be exact. For 2002 that total was 5664. The year over year growth in total attendance was 8% and the average size was 439 (A figure thrown wildly off track due to AC, FC, and MFF). The number of conventions was 13 in 2003 as opposed to 12 in 2002.

2004 will be an interesting year to watch with the number of planned conventions jumping from 13 to 18, the biggest single year jump in fandoms convention history.

I am considering breaking the list up into two parts, one for conventions over 500 in attendance and one for everything under 500. It might be more useful that way. Any suggestions from folks?

Finally, my annual plug, the list is only as good as the data I get from all the convention comittees, so if you see anything that needs correcting, please do drop me a line and drop me one once you get the final paid attendance figures resolved for the year. Many thanks to all the good folks that do regularly provide me with information.

David "Flint_Otterhall" Cooksey


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Doodles here. Any chance we could see future data collected that has a gender breakdown? I'm quite curious as to the male/female ratio in the fandom.

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I can't comment for the fandom overall, but I can make an estimate for Midwest FurFest. Be aware that there's a margin of error since this data was derived by looking through the real names and badge names in the 2003 database and guessing whether the attendee was male or female (TG attendees were assigned their gender of preference). At MFF 2003, 17.0% of the attendees were female and 83.0% were male.

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Any chance we could see future data collected that has a gender breakdown? I'm quite curious as to the male/female ratio in the fandom.

I don't know about the fandom as a whole, but attendees at Feral (a small but fun con in Ontario, Canada) have historically been 5-10% female.

I'm noticing more and more women in TorFur fandom, though, so the balance of "fraction of furs who attend things who are female" may be shifting a bit. There's no intrinsic reason why it wouldn't eventually drift to match the population as a whole (if anything, it's puzzling why there are so many more males in the first place).


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FC has alos seen a change. Whereas it used to be about 10% female to 90% male, last year it was close to 22% to 78%.


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