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Fursuit protects man struck by vehicle

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A Swiss motorist who thought he struck a dog discovered he had actually hit a man in a dog costume. The victim had earlier attended a stag party and passed out on the road while walking home. He was dragged about 120 feet after being struck but was not seriously injured due to the thick, padded costume.

Full story from Ananova.


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Holy shades of CSI !

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*laughs* I thought the same thing - CSI. Just shows that no matter how contrived things can be on TV they CAN happen!

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That's just... funny. Haha!

-Some random Fur browsing the internet at school.

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Sigh... Another senseless civet-oil related tragedy.

As a concerned member of the community, I ask you: when will we learn? When?


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Ananova is not a reliable news source because none of the stories they post actually happen.

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too bad the fur didnt pull him out of the car and run him over

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