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Stuffed animals:

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I own none
7% (10 votes)
I own a few
35% (47 votes)
I own several
23% (31 votes)
I own too many
13% (17 votes)
I am a stuffed animal
3% (4 votes)
My bed is full of stuffed animals
19% (25 votes)
Votes: 134


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The thing about checking Flayrah as part of my morning routine: I get to be among the first to comment on new polls.

I own a few stuffed animals, but for the life of me could not tell you where they are. Does that count?

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The only problem is, once you become a parent, you have to fight your kid for your plushes! My daughter has managed to, at one time or another, get her hands on all of mine! The golden retriever puppy, the platypus, Opus, they all sleep in her bed these days...the only one she hasn't managed to get, because I guard it jealously is my Cerebus The Aardvark.

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Oh, and I forgot Chauncey. The ferret, naturally.

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There needs to be about five more selections, but here's the one which is missing that I would have picked:

o My friends think I own too many, but I know there is no such thing.

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People keep giving me stuffed animals. Sad to say, I've had to give half of my collection to charities, but still, I have a huge chest FULL of stuffed toys, most of which were given to me. Not that I mind. My limited edtion 'Rocket' the ferret Christmas plushes rock!

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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There's only one problem with this poll: No "Feren" option.

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Feren is my stuffed qitty.

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That sounds vaguely dirty. :D

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