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I'd like to see more stories on:

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Science Fiction News
9% (8 votes)
15% (14 votes)
15% (14 votes)
Science and Technology
8% (7 votes)
Entertainment Media
4% (4 votes)
The current mix of stories is fine
49% (45 votes)
Votes: 92


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These are some of our lesser-utilized topics, and I'm just curious to see if people want more stories in those areas.

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In case it has not been said lately, you all at Flayrah are doing a great job with the site. I have been amused with how many times this week alone my roommate has read to me a news story she finds interesting and I find myself saying, "I know," having already learned it here.

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You mean, you actually put out more of one type of story than another, intentionally? Here I thought that, whenever a story came up that was newsworthy, it was classified and posted, not posted according to how it was classified. (Of course, I could simply be misinterpreting this poll--entirely possible. }=)

Personally, as long as the news COULD be of interest to me, I'm all for it in any category. =^.^=

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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No, mostly we just post what gets submitted to us.

However, we the editors can work up stories, too, and I was just curious if we should look around for more of a certain topic.

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Okay, so my initial impressions were correct. Heh, thanks for setting the record straight for me! =^.^=

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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A couple of years ago there were a lot more of the "Here's an intersting website I found" variety. Is there interest in seeing more of that?

"Animals" is one category that I wonder if we post too much of, though lately there has been quite a lot of "Entertainment Media" as well, but if most people are okay with what's being posted in these categories, I suppose it's not a problem.

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I personally find that certain authors post more on certain things. Like me, I tend to find animal and science news, that's just the websites I frequent. A few authors seem to look up a lot of entertainment news.

I'd love to post more on other topics, but don't know where to look.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I'd also like to note I've really tried to cut down on the news I'll submit because of my heavy animal tendancy. I tend now only to submit it on slower days.

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I'd like to see more polls on important things such as....

What breakfast cereal does Feren eat?

How many Ferens can fit in a telephone booth?

Is it lucky to pet a Feren?

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Answer 1: Feren

Answer 2: Feren

Answer 3: Feren

Did I win a prize?

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