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For Halloween, I am...

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Dressing up as a furry!
33% (78 votes)
Dressing up as a monster!
1% (2 votes)
Dressing up in some other way!
23% (53 votes)
Dressing up as Feren!
3% (8 votes)
Not dressing up at all.
39% (92 votes)
Votes: 233


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How about dressing up as a human? :)

Kiran Lightpaw
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004!
"Per ardua ad astra."

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Trying to be really scary, are you?

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Oh, I have to do that every day. Feh.


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For Halloween, I dressed up as a regular person!

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I'm going to dress as something really scary: John Ashcroft.

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BWAHAHAHAH yeah that IS scary!

Shhhhh.... I am hunting dweamy dweams...

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