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What are you eating for Thanksgiving?

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I''m traditional. A Turkey
44% (71 votes)
I''m sort of traditiional. Fried Turkey
3% (5 votes)
I''m weird. A Turducken
2% (4 votes)
I think it''s Christmas. A ham
2% (4 votes)
Nothing special.
15% (25 votes)
Thanksgiving? You Americans and your holidays
33% (53 votes)
Votes: 162


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Something special: Meatloaf.

It's special to us, because it requires the oven, but here in Houston, it's too hot most of the year to do so.

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Hey, there's no "Feren" answer.


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That's because eating Feren would just be...weird.

But oddly intiguing...

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We broke with tradition, and had a standing rib roast. It was gooooooood. But i got to help other folks finish off their leftovers, so i got my ration of turkey, eventually.


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There should be a vegetarian option for us herbivores.

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How about, Tofurkey? ;)

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