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Furry age demographic survey: How old are you?

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Under 15 yrs old
3% (24 votes)
15-19 yrs old
37% (269 votes)
20-24 yrs old
24% (177 votes)
25-29 yrs old
12% (89 votes)
30-34 yrs old
7% (48 votes)
35-39 yrs old
5% (37 votes)
40-44 yrs old
5% (33 votes)
45-49 yrs old
3% (24 votes)
50 and over
4% (26 votes)
Votes: 727


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Thank goodness--if this poll came much later I'd have slipped into the next age bracket... =P

Um... meaning 10-15. Yep. ^o.o^


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Interesting results the graph increases exponentialy as the voters get younger.

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> Interesting results the graph increases exponentialy as the voters get younger.

I think sample size is probably too small to draw conclusions about that just yet. What it's looking like is "more younger furs, down to a noise floor at 30 and older".

And there's the caveat that what we're actually measuring is the Flayrah's reading demographic, not the fandom as a whole. Actually, it's just the fraction of Flayrah's reading demographic that willingly messes with the polls. Old farts might be too jaded };>.

Now if you excuse me, I have to hide from greymuzzles who objected to the "old farts" line =^.^=.


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Not only that, but the young farts are probably more likely to vote repeatedly (last I knew, flayrah allows you to vote once every 24 hours).

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last I knew, flayrah allows you to vote once every 24 hours

This is still the case. Certainly, this poll is in no way scientific or a reliable cross-section of the fandom. With the free polling methods available, as well as the purely opt-in way for people to vote, there's lots of holes in the data.

The basic intention behind this poll was to give a rough idea of the age ranges the Furry Fandom is drawing now, as there is a general belief that it's drawing a younger crowd.

While I mentioned that this data isn't scientific, it does point towards backing up that theory - providing people didn't vote more than once.

Also, there's no way provided to see at what end of the 15-19 years old scale the numbers are concentrated. It would have made too big of a poll :)


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I've always dreamed about there being some kind of a furry census that some of us would put together. It'll never happen, due to the vast amount of work necessary to run such a project and the arbitrary nature of such a database, but it would be very nice to at least have some unified source of information about the actual makeup of the fandom.

Currently, there exist a few geographical listings and Pounced, all of which keep separate data and are not good substitutes for accurate statistics.

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So there. ;)

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17 here - and I know 2 other furs in local proximity to me. I think it's the internet that's spread Furrydom faster, with most Furs I meet either having roots in Anime (via Pokemon or Transformers) or Redwall (and similar novels). It's not too hard to find anime sites that cater for one 'niche' group overlapping with another. Example I can think of is, large Anime and Anthro sections that had to be seperated due to some infighting XD

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Im 15

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lol Underage b&

@OP: >50 or over

Never heard of anyone over 50, that's pretty interesting.

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