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Alaskan wolves accused in teacher's death

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Wolves are suspected of killing a special-needs teacher in Chignik Lake, Alaska.

State trooper Col Audie Holloway said there were no other carnivores in the area:

There were wolf tracks all around the body, and drag marks associated with those tracks. [...] From the number of prints at the scene, we're thinking there probably were, possibly, two, three, maybe four [wolves].

If confirmed, the attack may be the first fatal mauling by U.S. wolves in 50 years.


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Major kill-off, here we come... :|

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Good. I'm glad wolves are fighting back against man.

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I'm guessing the wolves were either sick, hungry, felt threatened or they lost their fear in humans.

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Their aim's way off. They should be eating politicians, not special-ed teachers. :(

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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It doesn't look like a place where you'd find many politicians.

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Yeah... if only those wolves had had plane tickets to Juneau... or wherever that one formerly-governor-esque person is slouching around these days... >_>

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Well we just walk around like we own the place but most of us posses no actual survival skills. Going to a grocery store, and working everyday isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking the skills to hunt and survive on your own or with a small group or pack. If we continue to invade the territory they use for food, it's going to start happening more and more often. Screw it though, gotta have some form of population control.

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Oh? And how would you feel if someone got in a helicopter and started shooting people for population control?

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they should have eaten Sara Palin instead of the teacher :/, I sense another wave of wolf slaugher following this in the future.

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