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Fox spotted chasing squirrels at Capitol Hill

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Red Fox, photo by CNNCNN photojournalist Giaco Riggs took a few pictures of a Red Fox in pursuit of squirrels on Capitol Hill last Friday.

"It just showed up and was hunting a squirrel," Riggs was quoted by CNN as saying. "When he showed up, all the other squirrels ran away. When the fox went away, all the squirrels came back."

Riggs was on a stake out shoot of the Capitol when the fox appeared.

CNN's Bob Kovach ended his story with a lame duck joke, perhaps out of professional courtesy for rival FOX News.


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It's good to know that even CNN resorts to "I saw a dog today!" on a slow news day.

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Whoops - your link to the "Capitol Hill" wiki article is broken here and on LJ.

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Fixed, thanks. LJ should update eventually.

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That's only thing CNN can come up with. Lame Jokes

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Since Republicans won the Hill back, I guess the Fox has to chase after something on Capitol Hill since it's okay with the politicians there.

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OMG a fox!!! There's a person getting raped, but the fox is more important!!!

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People get raped all the time in DC. It's called "politics".

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No really? I didn't know. Thank you so very much for clearing that up.

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There's a person getting raped,

There is no evidence for this statement.

but the fox is more important!!!

Well, duh.

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You so funny. I'll throw in 'lol' just for you.

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You seem awfully hostile.

I'm not sure this level of hostility is warranted from some cute animal pics.

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