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Anthrocon requests conbook submissions, offers sweepstakes

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AnthroconAnthrocon is requesting submissions for this year's conbook, and is offering a sweepstakes to attract artwork, fiction, photography, and articles for the publication. This year's theme is "The Anthropomorphic Institute Of Magic".

The lucky winner gets a supersponsor membership for 2011, or an upgrade if already a member.

All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EDT April 23. It is not necessary to submit material to enter the sweepstakes, and there is no limit on the number of entries.


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Xydexx, any suggestions on the kind of material you're looking for, what works, what doesn't work, what document/image formats make editing easier? Encouraging methods on overcoming writer's/artist's block?

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Xydexx, any suggestions on the kind of material you're looking for, what works, what doesn't work, what document/image formats make editing easier?

Submissions that complement this year's theme (Anthropomorphic Institute of Magic) are given priority.

What works: High-resolution graphics. Short stories that are a few pages (2000 words or less) long. Electronic submissions.

What doesn't work: 72-dpi graphics that look fine on screen but don't print well. Incomplete stories (e.g., "Chapter 1").

Just plain text or Microsoft Word for story submissions; artwork submissions ultimately end up as TIFs, but we can deal with almost anything people send in.

Encouraging methods on overcoming writer's/artist's block?

I'm a big fan of freewriting, myself. I don't know what the equivalent of this would be for artist's block, here are some helpful tips.

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What is the theme?

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"The Anthropomorphic Institute Of Magic."

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Ah, the furry fandom, ripping off other fandoms since 1950 :)

I wonder if the fursuits with any lightning bolts on them will hear the "He has the Mark!" jokes enough. I'm sure the scales will be sick of being called Slithers before the weekends up as well. XD

I mean, themes are cool, it just seems odd when furry is already kind of a theme, and I know it isn't just Anthrocon. It might be an idea the jumps the shark, but that might have to wait until the theme is "Anthro's on the Beach"

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I don't think it's fair to call that a "ripping off". We might be more fans of the output, but that doesn't change the fact that anthropomorphism is a transformational artistic process which preserves much of its input. If you think that anthropomorphism can be considered only in isolation, you're not thinking through things carefully enough.

EDIT: grammar

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Actually, I probably should have said 1930s, anthropomorphic cartoons do tend to take ideas and parody them from things around them, Bugs bunny's barber of Seville for example. If it works it works, though, how long has this "theme" thing been happening at conventions? I've only started noticing it these past few years.

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Since at least 1997. Not all conventions heavily promote their set theme - it's sometimes just for the conbook.

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Since at least 1993.

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Alright, guess since I'm not old enough to remember that con, not too suprised to be wrong on this one, though it does present a new theory, will every new convention not have themes for 3 years before deciding to liven it up with one?

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Doubtful. There have been plenty of first-year conventions which had themes.

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Furry doesn't "rip off" other fandoms, it spans across them. Furry is a meta-genre.

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Fair enough. Though I'm not going to doubt there will be Harry Potter fans who aren't furry fans will probably see it differently, seeings as all nerdy fandoms contain those that are pretty territorial over people "stealing their mojo" and such.

It's why you probably wouldn't want to ask any hardcore Trekkie about Star Wars.

If it does happen, it'll be more funny then anything.

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