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Japanese company developing brainwave-controlled cat ears

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Neurowear is developing a pair of cat ears which respond to the brain activity of their wearer.

Called "necomimi", the ears are mounted on a headband containing sensors, which pick up brain activity and move the ears accordingly. As the wearer concentrates, the ears point upwards, and when they relax the ears flop down and forwards.


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I don't understand Moon Speak but I'm pretty sure this is awesome.

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For ppl dissatisfied with their physical appearance, sure!

For normal ppl... naaah.

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C'Mon, it will be fun no matter what you think about yourself.

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what will those crazy Japanese people think of next?

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Only GODzilla knows,,,

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Any news as to what they will cost? or if they will still be bulky when they are released? because they look a little chunky to wear practically.

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Also, it's "nekomimi" not "necomimi" xD

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"necomimi" is apparently a brand name in this case, as opposed to nekomimi.

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Well, that's ok then xD

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Japanese are weird.

And I don't blame them!

I mean, they survived the post-WWII cultural tsunami... somehow.

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