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'Fur'; a new French film student animated cartoon

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Fur, a July 2011 4-minute French film student animated cartoon, has been posted on YouTube.

This has started to be talked about by Furry fans, but it hasn't been mentioned on Flayrah yet.


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Interesting style of animation. Everyone looks like a painted toy soldier to me. :P Loved the raging river of guards XD

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The wolf guy's head looked like the Prince from Katamari Damacy. I enjoyed the flick though. Very stylized.

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This planet should be so lucky. ;)

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well too short for a nice ending...

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C'est Bon

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I don't get teh plot.

Looks good though.

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Squirrel Girl saves the day again!

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I don't read sooper hiro komix, but I still get it.

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Uh, I had trouble reading the captions (all I got was "They say humans are animals like all the rest") but, despite not understanding the plot, I thought it was really cute :3

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