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'Twokinds' book project blasts through $25,000 funding goal

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Twokinds volume 2 and 1Fans have come out in force for a printing drive for Volumes 1 and 2 of Twokinds. [Killbunny90210]

The Kickstarter drive reached its $25,000 goal in 12 hours, and now stands at $69,581 from 716 backers.

In response, Twokinds artist Tom Fischbach has promised to switch to twice-weekly updates if pledges reach $100,000 in the next 28 days. Update (17 May): Total: $197,513/2,463 backers.

Twokinds was voted Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story in the 2010 Ursa Major Awards, but was not nominated (or declined nomination) this year.

The drive is to provide stock for Volume 2, and replace the print-on-demand edition of Volume 1.

A wide variety of pledge rewards are on offer, including a map, poster, larger and limited-edition hardback editions, side-comics, digital downloads, sketches and cameo placements.


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An actually successful furry comic goes full print, and no one comments.

On a furry website.


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Well, what did you expect, five hundred comments saying "Yay!" Article kind of speaks for itself.

Also, I thought you didn't like Twokinds.

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I am a stranger to you; you don't know anything about me :|

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I guess it was less hating Twokinds then liking the other candidates more when you are all"Fuck THAT shit!" When it won its Ursa Major, then.

Or, I don't know, that was a while back, you're allowed mind changes.

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Lackadaisy should have won.

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I am so behind in this comic, and it's been so long since I've read it...I feel like I would have to start the whole thing over. >.>

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Hell, I've read it over 5 times, at least!

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The drive has passed $85,000, and Tom has posted a bonus comic (for backers only, alas).

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Which also says a lot more than 500 "yay" comments.

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They ended up with $197,513 from 2,463 backers, after rolling through a $175,000 'secret goal' which turned out to be Twokinds plushies. Incredible. You could run half of Anthrocon on that, and have enough money left over for MFF.

Of course, Tom now has to buy and ship a lot of books. Hope he's good friends with his local post office.

Edit: Including PayPal funding, the total was $201,310.22.

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I wonder, where do all those people get the money? Do ALL of them have jobs?

Well, I'll be...

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anyone notice that the map

looks like the kanto region?

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