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Free Comic Book Day 2015 furry comics

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Free Comic Book Day 2015 is today, Saturday May 2; stop by your local comic book store and pick a few up.

Furry titles include, from Boom! Studios/KaBoom!, the Boom Studios 10th Anniversary FCBD Special (48 pages, full color) which "showcases 10 all-ages-friendly titles from our Archaia, BOOM! Box, and KaBOOM! imprints." These include Jim Henson's Labyrinth, Mouse Guard, Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake: Card Wards, Peanuts: "Dogstoevsky" with Snoopy.

Other titles include SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies, Jurassic Strike Force 5 One Shot, March Grand Prix, Rabbids, Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man Worlds Unite Prelude, Stuff of Legend/Call to Arms, Tales of Honor and TMNT Prelude to Vengeance.


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Remind me again: what is this "local comic book store" you talk of? :-p

In fairness 7.5 miles is not insurmountable; but it is a 30 minute bus ride, so not likely! Also, I doubt the UK is participating. On the plus side, I now know Beatrix Potter is in the public domain.

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Haha ... 7.5 miles.

Try 80. And technically, it's a chain bookstore that happens to sell comics.

Though some local libraries are also participating.

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See now I feel spoiled because I think there are comic shops in both the two malls that are within minutes of where I am. And in bitter irony, I'm not much a comics guy, so I probably won't be going to get a free one.

Because as a content creator I know when people provide you free stuff, particularly comics, it's to hook you with some sort of cliffhanger.

And what I just said there is probably going to come back and haunt me in about two weeks. I won't say why.

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You mean there's a comic book store in town now? There wasent last time I looked, its like 2 or 3 towns away!

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