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The dinosaurs talk; thankfully, not in Spanish

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The first international trailer of Pixar’s/Disney’s The Good Dinosaur, with the dinosaurs talking, has just been released. The captioning is in Spanish, but the voices are in English, as the movie will be released in U.S. theaters on Thanksgiving.


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Well, even if they don't migrate, it's still the exact same story as The Land Before Time.

Except with a human instead of Ducky and the others, I guess.

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They still don't have feathers. When are we going to see dinosaurs with feathers in movies?

Probably about the time that cartoon crows have black beaks instead of yellow, and cartoon alligators are gray instead of green.

Fred Patten

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But feathers are haaaarrrrd!

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Of note thing this trailer reveals, which I don't recall any of the previous descriptions mentioning: Arlo, the protagonist, is a kid.

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Originally, Arlo was going to be an older character, and was going to be voiced by Lucas Neff. But then the film went through a lot of story and cast changes. There's more information about the production history on Wikipedia;

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