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Captured at last

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The cow who made national headlines last week by escaping a Cincinatti, OH meat processing facility was finally captured using decoys and tranquilizers.

Read the story on CNN.



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It's the biggest thing to happen in Ohio since last month's Amish barn-raising!

mwalimu's post proves a long-standing theory: you have to have lived in Cincinnati to be able to spell it correctly ;)

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Mea culpa.

A lot of people have trouble spelling Albuquerque, or pronouncing New Orleans or Louisville, KY (which is pronounced different from Louisville, CO) or Lima, OH (which id pronounced different from Lima, Peru), unless they've either lived there or known someone who has.


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Uhh... ain't the Amish in Pennsylvania?

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Yes, but there are also sizable Amish communities in Ohio.

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Many of them, yes. There's also a good-sized Amish and Mennonite population in south-central Ohio.

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There are Amish all over the place. As their numbers have grown they've spread west from Pennsylvania looking for cheaper land. Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois all have Amish communities.

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