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Animated film: Happy Family

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Max the wolf-boy.Happy Family (IMDB page) is a 2017 animated movie from Germany, about a family that gets turned into monsters by a witch. It looks like a mashup of The Addams Family, The Munsters, and Hotel Transylvania.

Warner Bros. funded the production, and are distributing it in Europe and Latin America, presumably to be followed by direct-to-DVD sales in the U.S. in 2018. It's based on a book by David Safier.

Is it furry? Well, the family includes a kid who's a wolf-boy, there are talking bats, and VAMPIRES! (Boo.)


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The URL weblink to the animation studio, Rothkirch Cartoon-Film in Berlin, was left out.

David Safiers seems to specialize in fantasy novels about talking animals. Too bad they’re published mostly in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish – but only one in English.

Fred Patten

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There is also a mostly different trailer in Spanish.

Fred Patten

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Can't wait to see.

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Lots of the other “monster” scenes from “Happy Family”:

Honestly, how many people can tell the difference between the Computer Graphic Imagery animation from a “major” studio like Disney and Pixar, and a “minor” studio like Rothkirch Cartoon-Film in Berlin, ToonBox in Toronto, Prana in Mumbai, Animal Logic in Sydney, Triggerfish in Cape Town – even Simpals in Chisinau?

Fred Patten

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Note that "Happy Family" is in German, and it is also released in Spanish as "La Familia Monster". (Here is the whole Spanish movie.)

But all of the signage is in English. They have U.S. passports. Could this have been made with Warner Bros. funding for the U.S. home-DVD market? Look for an American direct-to-DVD release soon.

Fred Patten

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