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"Uber tiger morph" on the God & Devil Show

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The 'blooper' clips of the flash-animated comedy "The God and Devil Show" feature short snippets from the episodes, and are available full-time (whereas the full episodes are posted on a limited basis).

Of interest to furries is the "Sigfried and Roy" blooper, which features a white, leather-clad "sabre-toothed uber tiger morph." Licking his leg/thigh/crotch, no less. Direct link here.Those interested in similar flash humor ought to check out . Personally I find the humor to be often hit-and-miss, but it's hit more often than miss enough to make the download time worthwhile.


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Oh, how incredibly tasteful. :P Anyone think WB reads Vanity Faire or watches MTV?

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It IS in line with the atmosphere of the entire show. Actually, given the rest of the show, that tiger morph's tasteful. Look at how they treated Abe Lincoln, Bill Gates and Elvis. If they wanted to lambast furries, they would have done worse. A LOT worse.

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[Anyone think WB reads Vanity Faire or watches MTV?]

Have a persecution complex, do we?

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I thought it was funny. Anyone else not offended? 'Cause I wasn't.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Seemed to me that it was a parody of Siegfried & Roy, rather than furries in general.

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