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Crikey! More of the Blunder from Down Under

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Fitting in oddly well with my other article, the Crocodile Hunter series is about to be released upon American theaters within a few weeks. You can find out more here --

Maybe this movie will be good. Maybe this won't be another 'look at the weird Aussies' flick a la Crocodile Dundee (which did have its moments). But after reading the website and checking the promos, a part of me dreads that this flick is going to make Scooby Doo look like 'The Ten Commandments'.

PS -- Those who loved the 'Doo will coubtless be thrilled to know that the sequel is already in the works. Never rains but it pours.


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To be perfectly honest, I would MUCH rather see this movie than Scooby-freakin'-Doo.

- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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'To be perfectly honest, I would MUCH rather see this movie than Scooby-freakin'-Doo.'

Hey, enjoy yourself -- though to me that'd be like choosing arsenic over strychnine.

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