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Yerf Down

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The popular furry art archive, is currently unavailable. After a few days of simply returning errors instead of pages, the front page now cites unspecified software faliures as the problem.


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Is it just me, or does this happen to Yerf an awful lot? I mean, how many times in the last year has Yerf been unavailable?

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What are you complaining about? You don't pay anything to use it.

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I have personally found Hotmail down more frequently than Yerf. I've only seen Yerf down unexpected a few times (two? three?) in the last year, and this is the first really extended downtime I've seen in that time.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Yerf had some problems with hacking, and should be up tomorrow or early this week.

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Actually, this hasn't happened since we moved to our new host.

The server was compromised, broken into, haxx0r3d, whatever you want to call it.

No files were lost, just a lot of time. It'll be back on the fourth of July (hopefully).

I'm taking the time to make the most of the system being down.

-Dingo, Yerf admin

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Since you're posting anonymously, I can't tell what your relationship to is. It's a good bet you're not one of the hosted artists, with an attitude like that. I certainly hope you're not a yerf admin, because it's bad juju to insult your users, free service or not.

Even if you're just some guy who just happens to not like yerf, though, that's still a stupid argument.

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All of a sudden there's an "argument?" I might be out of line, here, but it seems to me this was fairly simple... is Yerf down often, or not? Whether it's free or not ought not to matter in the simple judgement of fact. One can still SAY that a free service is down often, even if it's free, yes?

If anything I'd think the second Anonymous was being defensive, not offensive.... an over-reactive "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" attitude perhaps, or "how dare you complain about a free service." This is an argument saying something bad about Yerf?

DOWN boys and gurls. (And doggies, and mustelids, and horsies, and dragoons....) Let's not invent a fight, especially where there was no insult to begin with. Go shoot cans in the yard with your BB if you feel the need to invent targets.....

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I wasn't stating that I had a problem with Yerf (beyond that I hope they get it back up soon). I'm just wondering if Yerf has a problem somewhere, since they seem to go through a situation like this rather often.

Oh yes -- I've also been warned by varied fannish friends to avoid ever saying anything about Yerf, even neutral comments, else you'll start an argument. Looks like they were right.

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I find criticism to be a good thing to keep stagnation at bay. In the case of art archives and the like I find that it can help open a forum for improvement and suggestion from the user base -- that is, the artists who post there and the public that browses it.

As such, I wrote an editorial on Yerf for Flayrah not long after Aureth started the site. The editorial and the resulting comments can be seen here.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Has anyone heard anything new about this? I notice even the 'software error' page is gone now. :/

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