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Sites of particular interest to those who appreciate fursuits.


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Monthly streaming show of videos and advertisements featuring furry characters, especially fursuits. Includes convention footage.

Fursuiters UK

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UK-specific information for fursuit builders and purchasers, plus a small photo gallery.

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Website containing information on fursuit construction, maintenance and performance distilled from the mailing list.


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LiveJournal community for fursuit construction and discussion. Makes extensive use of LJ's memories and tagging system to index information.

Fursuit Auctions

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LiveJournal community for those looking to buy/commission or sell fursuits or fursuit construction materials.

The Fursuit Archive

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Photo and video archive of fursuits, dating from their first appearance in the 1990s to the present day.

The Fursuit Database

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Searchable repository of information about fursuits and their owners and builders.