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Image boards

Bulletin boards centered around the posting and discussion of images, typically without explicit permission of the creators.


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Image board which split from WildCritters in 2010. Smaller, but offers a more traditional focus on small feral "critters", including many Pokémon.

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Imageboard combining caustic commentary on furry events of the day with transitory postings and edits of furry pornography.


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Originally a "critter"-focussed board, WildCritters came under new management and now offers more-expansive but less-focused furry content.

The Goddamned Furry Board

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Distribution and critique of original art and writing, random pornography, requests to provide copies of art (illicit or otherwise), hugboxing, philosophizing, and critique of furry artist Jay Naylor.


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Image-centric image board with tag-based drill-down. Contains mostly adult works.


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Adult-oriented furry image board. Home to the largest do-not-post list known to fur-kind.