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Circles Issue #5 and Rocketship Rodents #1 ready (early)

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Rabbit Valley ® Comics has just released Circles Issue #5 and the long awaited Rocketship Rodents Issue #1 today. Read more for additional shipping details.

Circles #4 Pre-Orders Start July 11

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The long awaited issue #4 of Circles will be ready for sale from the Rabbit Valley(R) Comic Shop on Friday, July 11th.

Circles Issue #3 Release Date

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Circles Issue #3 is scheduled for release on Thursday, July 11, 2002. You can pick up a copy at Anthrocon at the Rabbit Valley Comics table in the dealers' room, or you can preorder a copy to be shipped to you at the Rabbit Valley Comics web site.

Circles Issue #2 FINALLY ready

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The long awaited Circles #2 is finally out and available from Rabbit Valley Comics. See the cover and order a copy at the store.

Interview with Circles Creative Staff

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Gay League, an organization covering mainstream comics with gay themes or characters, recently did an interview with the creative team behind Circles. Pretty good interview if you want to review it: the article can be found here: Gay League Circles Interview

Circles #1 Review

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An impressive start to a new comic for the gay anthropomorphic fans. Being a writer, I'm probably a bit biased towards this comic but I have to say I am very impressed.