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What The Fur releases information about 2014

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What The Fur has finally announced the dates and venue for their 2014 event. After some speculation about what was happening to the Canadian event, the release of information comes just before Christmas. The convention will be held in Montreal, Quebec from the 23rd to the 25th of May, 2014, and will be taking place at the Sheraton Montreal Airport.

What The Fur November 2011 newsletter

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It's been a while since we posted an update, but now is the time. We hope that everyone is looking forward to June 1-3rd, with anticipation building and the excitement levels rising. The crew of What The Fur is hard at work, planning what we expect to be the best event yet.

In this edition: Hotel reservations are open; Early Bird pre-registration is still on, with a contest for those who sign up before January; dealer's den table availability; and requests for convention book submissions, programming and DJs.

What The Fur posts first Spring newsletter

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With warmer weather in Montreal comes the first Spring newsletter for What The Fur 2011.

Event pre-registration is open until May 29; the Hotel Espresso's reservation deadline is May 6.