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Pyat the Mouse
Ontario, Canada
film photography, ttrpgs
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Corporate Writer

Two kids, 2000 books. I’m some kind of mouse. Squeak!

I have fantastic friends. I take lots of road trips to unremarkable places that are significant for obscure reasons. I like film photography and collect old cameras that I restore to working order and then forget I own. I am much stranger than some people assume and much duller than other people assume.

Formerly employed as a professional journalist (with awards and everything), I’ve written about the fandom for print magazines, as well as web zines. My first article about fandom was a review of Furcadia printed in a 1997 issue of the (defunct) Toronto-based Sci-fi/fantasy magazine, ''Realms'', followed by a profile of Steve Gallacci the same year. More recently, my photos of the chlorine gas evacuation at Midwest Furfest 2014 were published by

I like to consider myself something of a fandom historian, at least when it comes to tabletop RPGs, furrydom, and science fiction. I’ve written a number of articles about these subjects, and I’ve undertaken road trips to places significant in fandom history.


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