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Rakuen Growlithe


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Rakuen Growlithe
South Africa/Austria
Science, writing, pokemon, gaming
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I'm a South African fur, born and raised in Cape Town, but currently living in Vienna, Austria for work and studies. I'm interested in science, writing, gaming, all sorts of furry stuff, Pokemon and some naughtier things too! I've dabbled in art before but mostly like writing although I haven't done very many stories recently but more non-fiction on Flayrah. I helped found and administer the ZA Fur forum.

Other information

If you want to share my stories or art, that is fine as long as you give proper credit and link back to the originals.

Best places to find me:
F-list: A site for finding people with similar interests for adult rps.
Flayrah: A furry news site.
Inkbunny: A furry site, supporting art, music and stories.
SoFurry: A furry site, supporting art, music and stories as well as community features like groups, forums and chat. (SoFurry Ambassador, May 2012 - Present)

PS: I am no longer using my old Yahoo! mail address.


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