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FurNet opens for general nick registrations

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The FurNet IRC Network
(which replaced YiffNet when it ceased to exist some time ago)
has been working to improve user services over the past few months.
Nickname registration for all users will become available
Thursday, the 12'th of September.Over the past few months, the administrators of the FurNet IRC network
( have been working to improve the service we
can provide to the users. We have changed to a different server code
base, and have been exploring the various options made available to us
through the addition of network-wide services, meant to handle much of
the functionality provided by some of the irc 'bots' in the past.
Services, because they are closely tied to the servers themself, have
advantages over 'bots' in their ability to perform these functions
(opping users, applying channel bans, etc...).

On Thursday, September 12, 20:00 GMT, we will unblock nickname
registration on the FurNet network. To find out what time that is for
you, you can use a www-based time zone convertor like the one found at

At this time, you will be able to register the nickname you are using at
that instant. Nicknames which are already registered, obviously, will
not be available at this time, and a few nicknames which are currently
under conflict will be locked out of the registration system.

We are still considering how to roll out channel registrations, and that
functionality will remain locked.

Documentation on the process is available on,
so users are advised to check there for more information. Questions not
covered there may be addressed to the users mailing list, which you may
subscribe to by sending mail to

Thanks for your patience during this transition.

FurNet administration



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