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  • Mink (Rod O’Riley)
    238 stories
    a Mink from Garden Grove, California

    Ed-otter of In-Fur-Nation. Califur programming director. Co-founder of ConFurence.

  • Fred (Fred Patten)
    72 stories
    a retired former librarian from North Hollywood, California
    Interests: General anthropomorphics

  • crossaffliction (Brendan Kachel)
    54 stories
    a reporter and red fox from Hooker, Oklahoma

    Formerly Wichita's only furry comic.

  • GreenReaper (Laurence Parry)
    17 stories
    a software developer and Norn from London, UK

    Small fuzzy creature who likes cheese & carrots. Founder of WikiFur, lead admin of Inkbunny, and Editor-in-Chief of Flayrah.

  • Higgs Raccoon
    5 stories
    a (No longer a Flayrah contributor)

  • Rakuen Growlithe
    4 stories
    a student and Growlithe (Pokemon) from South Africa/Austria

    I'm a fur from South Africa, now living in Austria, who got into the fandom through my interest in pokemon and writing fanfiction. Outside of furry, I have spend a lot of my time in gaming (particularly Dota 2) and science.

  • Isiah Jacobs
    3 stories
    a furry journalist and Spider from Michigan
    Interests: Science fiction

  • Sonious (Tantroo McNally)
    3 stories
    a Kangaroo from Syracroose, NY
    Interests: video games, current events, politics, philosophy, writing

  • dronon
    3 stories

  • Voice
    2 stories
    a writer and Spider-folf from Canada

    Voice is a writer both in and outside of the fandom. He primarily writers horror, erotica and Lovecraftian tales. (though is not limited to them) When not writing, he can be found reading extensively, going for walks or entertaining his fiancée.

  • Diamond Man2 stories

    A guy who loves equality. I don't want to share anything else for other reasons.

    9-23-2012 I also believe that it's possible to change society's hatred about certain things like fandoms to a more better accepting thing... I think there are some messages haunting me claiming that it "isn't" possible but I am going to have to disagree with that and there is a lot of proof that it can happen. And since there really is an unusual issue about Society with it's normal, etc.. Honestly I just am one of those guys who likes to teach the world for a better change, and other things..

    Again, I believe anything like that can happen and if I get messages claiming it isn't then bull crap. I hope someday the world gets better. :P

  • wyrmkeep2 stories

  • Lightsen
    1 story

  • Grisli (Grisli Aklark)
    1 story
    a journalist and Grizzle Bear from Austria

  • AC_Fox1 story
    an Arctic Fox from Boston, USA

    AC Fox has been lurking around various sectors of the furry community for a while, originally drawn to it through webcomics. After attempting a furry sci-fi webcomic, writing a short story collection, and releasing an rap album, he is currently searching for his next project.

  • NeonBunny1 story
    from California

  • Martes (Roz Gibson)
    1 story
    an animator from Santa Clarita, California, United States

  • Huskyteer (Alice Dryden)
    1 story
    a web developer and Husky from London, UK

    Writer, Biker, Furry, Spy.

  • Mister Twister (Andrew V.)1 story
    a stew-dent. and Homo Somewhat Sapiens. from US of A (east coast)

    Bio - graphy... that "graph" of my "bio"...... what?

  • Snow (Kris Schnee)
    1 story

  • Pimlico (Eddie Drueding)
    1 story
    from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • tmattlatrans (T. Matt Latrans)1 story
    a blogger for the fba and Coyote from Rohnert Park, CA

    Lifelong fan of the Furry Basketball Association! I used to be a play-by-play announcer for the league before switching to reporting by writing for Furballer Magazine and producing my own FBA podcast.

  • Patch Packrat
    1 story

    Fursuiter and unconditional linty hugger

  • hi-jera1 story

  • JoJoJoshua (Joshua Hyles)
    1 story
    a student and Orange and Blue Fox from Auburn, Alabama
    Interests: Making Websites, video games, college

  • Equivamp (Kile Onasi)
    1 story
    an assembly line worker and Zebra Pegasus from Chanute, Kansas

    Kile "Equivamp" Onasi is the online pseudonym of an instigating little shit currently living in Chanute, Kansas.

  • jasper-bear (Jasper)
    1 story
    a Polar Bear from In occulus

  • RingtailedFox
    1 story
    a former contributor, general manager of vom-dt and and Fox-raccoon hybrid from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    Interests: bicycle riding, reading, video games

  • aquariusotter (Aquarius Otter)
    1 story
    a webmaster, student, etc and otter, sometimes rat from Columbus, Georgia

    Volunteer at FWA since my first furry con in 2013.

  • fenrislorsrai (H.C. O'Neill)
    1 story
    a book store owner from Bethel, CT
    Interests: reading, sculpting, anthropology

  • Cubist (Quentin Long)1 story

  • Potoroo
    1 story
    a pseudoartist from Toronto

  • oldhans1171 story

  • Feli (Chris Pilgrim)
    1 story
    a convention chair, techie, and a listener and rabbit from Montreal, QC, Canada

    Feli is a resident of Montreal, originating from Ottawa. He has been an active member of the fandom since the early 90's.
    Currently, Feli is the Chairperson for What The Fur, a convention held in Montreal annually. Also, he works at several other furry conventions such as FurFright and Furnal Equinox.

  • earthfurst
    1 story
    from Vancouver, Canada
    Interests: furry, activism etc.

  • Draconis
    1 story
    a Gargoyle from Norman Oklahoma

    Jugular Jaguar and Calamity Cougar as a Fursuiter, Furry Drama Show Director, Convention organizer and Staff, Photographer and Videographer

  • STrRedWolf
    1 story
    a Drygerskunk

    Total contributors: 37 — Total stories (including anon): 430

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