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Various resources of interest to furry fans. Consider dropping by Furry at the Open Directory (adult section) and the UMA reading list as well.

Art archives

Archives of user-created artwork; typically non-selective.


Sites where you can buy or sell anthropomorphic works at auction.


Websites devoted to real-time communication between furry fans. Includes websites of IRC networks.


Fan publications revolving around a particular topic, theme or style. Usually not-for-profit; sometimes only available to contributing members or subscribers.


Online message boards and discussion sites, focusing on both general furry conversation and specific interests.


Sites of particular interest to those who appreciate fursuits.


Online games with significant furry content.

Image boards

Bulletin boards centered around the posting and discussion of images, typically without explicit permission of the creators.


Sites providing information about furry fandom, or a particular aspect of it.


Multi-User Dungeons, and their MUSH and MOO derivatives - text-based venues for chat and roleplaying.


Sites providing or aggregating news of specific interest to furry fans.


Threaded image-based forums similar to image boards, but designed for posting original doodles created using the oekaki software.

Social networking

Sites designed to connect furs to one another.

Story archives

Online collections of stories.

Story worlds

Shared settings for authors to set their works in.

Video archives

Archives of videos relevant to furry interests.

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