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Community art and story website, with a historic focus on adult writing; also contains chat and forum systems. Succeeded Yiffstar in 2010.


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SoFurry is awesome. It's kinda like one of those things you have to experience yourself, ya know? Kinda hard to put into words and all? It's like that, and it's become kinda like a second home of mine <3 The people.. are awesome! The owner, Toumal, is AWESOME! Him and his team of admins and moderators keep the place in tip top shape, and continuously update it, making for a better site with every passing day! :D The chat there is epic, and I met tons of fun people :3 The pics and stories aren't bad, either, and I know I've spent my share of time on reading/viewing them XD SO all in all, well worth a visit! :D

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Congratulations on making the first link comment. :-)

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Why, thank you x3 Oh, and I DO loooove your picture~ Pretteh ^///^