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Art & story archives

Archives of user-created artwork and stories; typically non-selective.


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The 'anthro' section of DeviantArt contains a variety of PG-rated furry artwork, some of a very high quality.


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Another non-specific-but-still-quite-furry art archive, intended primarily for non-photographic 2D artwork. No adult material.


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Not-specifically-but-still-mostly furry art, story and music community.

Yerf Historical Archive

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Collection of clean art from early furry fandom archive Yerf (see history).


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Furry art and story community. The second most-active site for furry-specific art hosting after Fur Affinity.

Tales from the Blind Pig

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Transformation-based fiction where a flu virus from Mars has become endemic and changed some of its victims into animals or inanimate objects.

The Fursuit Archive

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Photo and video archive of fursuits, dating from their first appearance in the 1990s to the present day.


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Community art and story website, with a historic focus on adult writing; also contains chat and forum systems. Succeeded Yiffstar in 2010.

Fur Affinity

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Artwork-based community website in the style of deviantART; also hosts stories, music, personal journals and forums. The combination of mostly-unrestricted content, relatively good uptime, and oodles of popular artists have made FA the most popular furry website as of 2016.


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Once furry fandom's most active art archive, the VCL is still one of the largest, with over 300,000 pieces plus several thousand stories. However, the site lacks features that have drawn users elsewhere, while maintaining a barrier to entry through its application policy. Adult work may be segregated into subdirectories, but this doesn't help when viewing new work; if this is a concern, use the sieve and bookmark the result.