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Online message boards and discussion sites, focusing on both general furry conversation and specific interests.

Gaming Furever

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Billed as a "gathering place for furry gamers"; provides a mix of furry game-related news, forums, social networking, and links.

Phoenixed Forums

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Previously known as Fur Affinity Forums; now a completely separate operation. Includes an active art sales and auction forum.

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Imageboard combining caustic commentary on furry events of the day with transitory postings and edits of furry pornography.

Planetfurry BBS

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Forums for users and guests of Planetfurry's hosted sites, plus story and artwork discussion.


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Community art and story website, with a historic focus on adult writing; also contains chat and forum systems. Succeeded Yiffstar in 2010.


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Founded in October 2007 by a group of atrocity tourists as a more active forum than Crush Yiff Destroy, Vivisector claims to take the good with the bad, but inevitably focusses on the latter. Also posted several articles from 2010-12. Absorbed CYD in April 2010.


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Founded in November 2002 as a discussion area for the Furtopia community. Actively moderated to a strict set of rules, with separate areas for roleplaying and adult content. Restarted in February 2008 after an instance of hacking, now the sole remnant of the once-great Furtopia empire.