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Social networking

Sites designed to connect furs to one another.


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Social networking site and art/photo gallery for the babyfur and furry diaper-lover community. Over 5500 members as of April 2015.

Gaming Furever

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Billed as a "gathering place for furry gamers"; provides a mix of furry game-related news, forums, social networking, and links.


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Art gallery, forum, publisher, and now 10000-member social network - FurNation has been running in one form or another since 1996.

Furry 4 Life

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Ning-based furry social network with over 23000 members as of April 2015. G-rated, but with a partner network Furries Xtreme that is not.

Internet Furry Proximity Locator

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Set your position anywhere in the world and find nearby furs. Listings can be outdated; there is no automatic update mechansim.

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Furry personals site for those 18 and over. Ads require revision on a semi-regular basis to avoid delisting.