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Chat and roleplay

Systems devoted to real-time furry communication and roleplaying. Includes chat sites and, IRC networks, roleplaying games and MUCKs.

SpinDizzy MUCK

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Whimsical, critter-based roleplaying environment, founded in 1998 to replace Toons Fur and Fluff. Has its own (mostly fictional) news service.


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Billed as a location for roleplay, F-list's character profiles – boasting the largest selection of kinks known to man or fur – are a compelling feature.


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Social isometric roleplaying environment where the furres roam free. Has a not-entirely-undeserved reputation as a teen hangout. Launched in 1996, and claims to be the longest-running MMO.


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All-ages text roleplaying environment. Once a center of furry activity; now something of a sideline, but still operational. Started in August 1990.

Tapestries MUCK

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Varied adult-only text roleplaying environment, mixing general furry sexuality with a hint of BDSM. Founded October 1991.


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Largest furry IRC network, succeeding YiffNet in 2001. Seven servers with ~2200 users as of 2010.


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IRC network which split from FurNet in 2004. Six servers with ~600 users as of 2010. Promoted as "unmoderated uncensored freedom."


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Community art and story website, with a historic focus on adult writing; also contains chat and forum systems. Succeeded Yiffstar in 2010.