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FurBid mentioned in Canadian magazine

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Well, it wasn't good press, but it could've been worse...

A Canadian magazine called Shift ("Canada's Technology and Entertainment Magazine") (yeah, I'd never heard of it either) had their annual "100 best web sites for 2003" in their November/ December issue. Now, when I see "Entertainment" I immediately think "tabloid". But, holding my prejudices back I slogged on...

...until I came to the listing. Number four under the category "bizarre" (as I thought), with a snap-shot of the front page.

Synopsis reads: "eBay for furry-animal 'toon fetishists: Use this site to bid on the erotic squirrel prints you've never known you've always wanted. For the true connoisseur, only the creepy lifelike, full-body animal outfits will do. And if you can convince your lover to wear one of those, you're the man, dog. Cute, fuzzy, sexy dog."

Meh. Could've been worse. Mildly humorous, a bit biased, but I won't get inflamed about it.
A quick message off to the editor, pointing out the URL they have is old was all I was provoked into >:-) Hay, they did send me two free copies of the issue it appears in >:-)



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