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FurBid server downtime

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During a normal replacement of a CPU fan, it was discovered that FurBid's power supply, after two years of dedicated service, has gotten tired. A new PSU was installed, but it was discovered to be inadequate for the power needs of the beast.

So, a new power supply has been placed on order. The problem is, we're not sure when it will get here, due to the mail stoppage until Tuesday. My colo admin has gone to purchase a new power supply today, so hopefully we will be back online before the end of the day. If not, definitely on Thursday. Damn hardware always fails right when it's needed.On a less serious note, the suggestion was made to turn this downtime into a creative activity. Any artists who would care to depict what "really" happened to FurBid's server, please send any material to I'll put them up on the main page when we get it back up.

I apologize for the inconvenience; believe me, it's a teeth-gnasher for me, too. But, what can ya do...

Annoyed FurBid Administaur


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